Delivering quality software quickly is hard.

You and your team work hard to ship out your latest and greatest web application. Everyone spends weeks cranking out new features in hopes that they lead to increased sales for your company.

However, to get things done quickly, corners are cut. That means that the app hasn't received the proper testing it needs before going out to the world.

It feels like every time you ship something to the hands of your customers, something breaks. One day, people can't log into their accounts. The next day, the checkout process unexpectedly breaks. The bugs you fixed last week suddenly appear again.

As a result, you and your team spend most of your days finding bugs and putting out fires instead of adding new functionality. Everyone is under intense pressure to not only find and fix issues but also create new features simultaneously.

Your boss begins fuming, wondering why no one in the team can do their job. Angry customers phone in with complaints and threats of taking their business elsewhere. Some customers move to your competitors. It takes a serious toll on everyone's motivation in your organization.

You're not immune. Your self-confidence takes a hit and you begin making stories in your head. I'm never fully confident in my work. I'm scared that every time a new update rolls out, a customer will find a bug and go elsewhere. There's nothing I can do to fix this sinking ship.

You take a look at your team's current testing practices. There's a list of scripted tests that the team performs manually. But really, who wants to spend their days mindlessly clicking around the same things over and over again? The application has a few scattered unit tests, but those don't test the system as a while. Clearly, this testing is not enough because the bugs keep on coming.

You know that having a reliable automated end-to-end test suite will improve the quality of your application and help you deliver faster with fewer bugs. But that sounds like a lot of work to get to that point. How do you even start?

Developing high-quality software shouldn't have to be this painful.

Guess what - it isn't painful. What if you could start automating your tests in a more reliable and dependable way? How would it feel to stop seeing the same bugs pop up again and again, and having the time to focus on valuable work instead of mind-numbing manual testing?

Sure, it could take a long time to learn how to create a robust end-to-end test suite for your application. Fortunately, you don't have to.

With End-to-End Testing with TestCafe you'll have all the tools you need in one single place to learn how to get up and running with TestCafe quickly. Begin automating your end-to-end test suite today.

End-to-End Testing with TestCafe book cover

What You Will Learn

End-to-End Testing with TestCafe is a book that covers the the ins and outs of the TestCafe testing framework.

TestCafe is a JavaScript testing framework that helps you automate robust end-to-end tests for your web applications. It helps you write test scenarios that cover critical functionality in your application through a web browser, just as your customers would.

Once you write your tests using TestCafe, you can have it run through your app's critical functional to ensure everything is working well. Say goodbye to going through boring scripted tests and clicking around manually in hopes that the bug you fixed a few weeks ago hasn't resurfaced.

With TestCafe, you don't need to be an expert programmer. If you know the basics of modern JavaScript, you can begin creating your tests in minutes. And if you're beginning to learn how to code, you can still pick up TestCafe with few problems.

In End-to-End Testing with TestCafe, you'll learn how to use TestCafe in real-world scenarios effectively. The book goes through testing a custom-built web application called TeamYap. TeamYap covers most functionality you will encounter in web applications today.

Here are a few things you'll learn with this book:

Setting up a test suite with TestCafe

Learn how to set up TestCafe in your development environment. You'll go from installing TestCafe locally to writing your first end-to-end test.

Writing tests that navigate through your app

The book covers most of TestCafe's built-in actions, from clicking and fill out forms to uploading images and making requests to external services.

Running tests in different browsers

Discover how TestCafe allows you to execute your tests in various browsers. See your tests run in locally installed browsers, run them in headless mode, emulate mobile devices, and more.

Organizing your tests for maintainability

The more you use TestCafe, the more complex your test suite gets. Learn how to organize common functionality to prevent your test suite from becoming a tangled mess.

Covering your app with different users

You'll often have to log in as different users and roles to test your app. See how TestCafe manages these scenarios and allows you to switch between different user roles in a snap.

Best ways to debug your tests

Despite your best efforts, you'll inevitably reach a point where things go wrong with your test suite. Master the ins and outs of debugging your tests and fix your issues with ease.

And much more!

These topics are just a fraction of what the book covers. End-to-End Testing with TestCafe goes through everything from writing your first test all the way to more advanced topics to help you get the most out of TestCafe.

Table of Contents

  1. What is TestCafe?
  2. Installing TestCafe (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  3. Writing and running your first test
  4. Fixtures and test organization
  5. Selectors
  6. Actions
  7. Assertions
  8. Page Object Model
  9. Handling authentication and user roles
  10. Test initialization with hooks
  11. Command-line interface and basic options
  1. Configuration file and basic options
  2. Test Metadata
  3. Controlling which tests to run
  4. Mocking HTTP requests
  5. Working with browser dialogs
  6. Working with iframes
  7. Debugging TestCafe tests
  8. Appendix: Command-line interface options
  9. Appendix: Configuration file options
  10. Appendix: Actions API
  11. Appendix: Assertions API

Follow the path to higher quality web applications

End-to-End Testing with TestCafe will take you on a path to delivering high-quality web applications in less time.

Within a few chapters, you will have enough knowledge to begin writing end-to-end tests for your web application confidently. By the time you finish reading the book, you'll have all the tools at your disposal to create a robust test suite that covers the essential parts of your app.

After going through the book, you'll learn all the tools you need to implement TestCafe into your software development workflow. It will help guide your testing efforts to reduce your testing cycle times and the number of defects in your applications. TestCafe will help you deliver quality software while spending less time testing and fixing bugs.

This statement isn't theoretical - I have experienced it personally. In organizations where I introduced TestCafe into the development workflow, we reduced the team's regression testing time by almost 50% while catching more bugs before they went to production. Imagine what you could do if you could take 10-20 hours of your work week back.

End-to-End Testing with TestCafeAvailable in April 2020

Stop Delivering Bugs To Your Customers

Learn how to use TestCafe to write robust end-to-end tests on a real web app and improve the quality of your code, boost your confidence in your work, and deliver faster with less bugs.

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End-to-End Testing with TestCafe book cover

About the author

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